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  I love holidays! There's nothing better than jetting off to a foreign destination to visit the attractions it has on offer. Of course, I'm not alone. Millions of people are doing the same, and why not? The world has an amazing variety of must-see sights, from breathtaking natural scenery to impressive old cities. But the problem is that too many of us are visiting them at the same time, putting pressure on these delicate and ancient places.   That's why a number of beauty spots and historic sites have been introducing charges or restrictions1 on the tourists who visit. There are many reasons for this: to reduce overcrowding, which can spoil the ambience of a place, to manage wear and tear on old crumbling2 buildings, to tidy up the mess that visitors leave behind, or – as some may suggest – creating tourist traps to make more money out of the visitors.   The famous Italian city of Venice with its picturesque3 canals has, for example, introduced an entry fee of up to €10 for short-stay tourists. Venetians have long complained that mass tourism is swamping the city. Now, passengers arriving by cruise ship will have to pay a 'landing tax' which Mayor Luigi Brugnaro says, "would generate much-needed income to keep the city clean."   Many cities in Europe already charge an occupancy tax on tourists who stay in hotels and guest houses. In the UK, Edinburgh is hoping to do the same, controversially making it the first city in the country to do so. This levy4, that is usually charged per person per night of  accommodation, raises money to help protect the environment, pay for infrastructure5, or promote tourism.   In Italy's capital city, Rome, new laws are being introduced to clamp down on bad tourist behaviour, which some argue is spoiling the look and feel of the city. Rules include banning drinking water from fountains and attaching 'love padlocks' to bridges.    As more of us can now afford to travel, tourist destinations are going to get busier, so maybe new laws and taxes are going to be a necessary part of the sightseeing experience.
1 restrictions      束缚( restriction的名词复数 ); 控制; 约束要素; 带约束性的条件(或规矩) 参阅例句:
  • I found the restrictions irksome. 我对那些约束感到很烦。
  • a snaggle of restrictions 乱七八糟的种种约束
2 crumbling      adj.岌岌可危的 参阅例句:
  • an old house with crumbling plaster and a leaking roof 一所灰泥脱落、房顶漏水的老房子
  • The boat was tied up alongside a crumbling limestone jetty. 这条船停靠在一个岌岌可危的石灰岩码头边。
3 picturesque      adj.美丽如画的,(言语)生动的,有板有眼的 参阅例句:
  • You can see the picturesque shores beside the river.在河滨你能够看到风光如画的两岸。
  • That was a picturesque phrase.那是一个形象化的说法。
4 levy      n.征收税或其他金钱,征收额 参阅例句:
  • They levy a tax on him.他们向他纳税。
  • A direct food levy was imposed by the local government.地方政府征收了食物税。
5 infrastructure      n.下部结构,下部安排,根底结构,根底设施 参阅例句:
  • We should step up the development of infrastructure for research.加强科学根底设施建造。
  • We should strengthen cultural infrastructure and boost various types of popular culture.加强文明根底设施建造,开展各类群众文明。

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