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文章来源:admin    时间:2021-01-11

  The New York Stock Exchange said on Monday Washington time that it no longer intends to move forward with the plan to delist three Chinese telecom companies, in light of further consultation1 with relevant regulatory authorities. 华盛顿时刻1月4日,纽交所表明,与相关监管组织进一步协商后,不方案推动将三家我国通讯企业摘牌的方案。   2020年12月31日,美国纽交所宣告将我国电信股份有限公司、我国移动有限公司、我国联通(香港)有限公司等三家我国企业从纽交所摘牌(delist three Chinese telecommunications companies)。我国商务部、证监会以及外交部先后就此进行回应。   1月2日,我国商务部(Ministry of Commerce)新闻发言人发表谈话。   The United States' act of abusing national security to suppress Chinese enterprises is inconsistent with market rules and goes against the logic2 of the market. The move will not only harm the legitimate3 rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, but also the interests of investors4 from other countries, including the United States, said the spokesperson, adding that it will seriously weaken the confidence of all parties in the US capital market. 这种乱用国家安全、动用国家力气镇压我国企业的做法不符合商场规矩,违反商场逻辑,不只危害我国企业的合法权益,也危害包含美国在内各国投资者的利益,将严峻削弱各方对美国资本商场的决心。   China opposes the US act of abusing national security and listing Chinese enterprises as so-called "Communist Chinese military companies" and will take necessary measures to resolutely5 safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, the spokesperson said. 中方对立美方乱用国家安全将我国企业列入所谓“共产党我国军队公司”清单的做法,将采纳必要措施,坚决保护我国企业合法权益。   1月3日,我国证监会(China Securities Regulatory Commission)新闻发言人就纽交所发动我国三家电信运营商摘牌程序事宜答记者问。   The delisting of three Chinese companies by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under a US government order disregarded related companies' actual conditions and global investors' legitimate rights and interests and severely6 disrupted market order. 美方施行行政命令发动对三家公司的摘牌程序,彻底无视相关公司实际情况和全球投资者的合法权益,严峻破坏了正常的商场规矩和次序。   Having issued American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and been listed on the NYSE for nearly or over two decades, the three Chinese firms have complied with the rules and regulations of the US securities market, and are widely acknowledged by investors worldwide, the spokesperson said. 三家我国公司发行美国存托凭据(ADR)并在纽交所上市现已挨近或超越二十年,一向恪守美国证券商场规矩和监管要求,遭到全球投资者的遍及认可。   Given the three companies' large user base, stable operation, significant influence on the global telecommunications service industry, as well as the small proportion of ADRs in their total shares, the act of delisting will have very limited impact on their market operation and development, according to the spokesperson. 三家公司具有巨大用户根底,基本面安稳,在全球电信服务行业中具有重要影响力。其ADR整体规划不大,即使摘牌,对公司开展和商场运转的直接影响适当有限。
1 consultation      n.咨询;协商;协商;会议 参阅例句:
  • The company has promised wide consultation on its expansion plans.该公司许诺就其扩展方案广泛征求意见。
  • The scheme was developed in close consultation with the local community.该方案是在同当地社区亲近协商中逐步构成的。
2 logic      n.逻辑(学);逻辑性 参阅例句:
  • What sort of logic is that?这是什么逻辑?
  • I don't follow the logic of your argument.我不明白你的观点逻辑性安在。
3 legitimate      adj.合法的,合理的,合乎逻辑的;v.使合法 参阅例句:
  • Sickness is a legitimate reason for asking for leave.患病是请假的一个合理的理由。
  • That's a perfectly legitimate fear.怀有这种惊骇彻底在情理之中。
4 investors      n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 ) 参阅例句:
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的挣钱时机
5 resolutely      adj.坚决地,决断地 参阅例句:
  • He resolutely adhered to what he had said at the meeting. 他坚持他在会上所说的话。
  • He grumbles at his lot instead of resolutely facing his difficulties. 他不是勇敢地去面临困难,而是诉苦自己命运欠安。
6 severely      adv.严格地;严峻地;十分恶劣地 参阅例句:
  • He was severely criticized and removed from his post.他遭到了严峻的批判而且被撤了职。
  • He is severely put down for his careless work.他因工作上的粗枝大叶而遭到了严峻的批判。

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