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  As you probably know, learning a foreign language is sometimes challenging. But it can also be fun. We spend hundreds of hours at school trying to get our tongues round different vocabulary and grammar in order to earn a qualification. But learning to speak a second language is more than just passing an exam – it opens doors to new opportunities, helps you to communicate with others and makes travelling overseas more fulfilling.   It might come as a surprise that, according to research by the BBC, the number of teenagers learning foreign languages in UK secondary schools has dropped by 45% since the turn of the millennium1. German and French have fallen the most. While these languages from two of the UK's closest trading partners have declined at GCSE level, there has been a noticeable surge in some others, such as Spanish and Mandarin2.   Another survey of secondary schools suggests a third of students have dropped at least one language from their GCSE exam options. There are many reasons for this, including a perception by some students that languages are difficult. Getting to grips with the lingo3 of another country can certainly be a challenge and some pupils think 'Why bother?' when English is spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Others have questioned the need for a second language when translation technology is advancing.   Matthew Fell, chief UK policy director for business group the CBI, has told the BBC that "The decline in language learning in schools must be reversed, or else the UK will be less competitive globally and young people less prepared for the modern world." But even for those who are keen to study another language, the opportunity is being reduced. In Scotland, for example, foreign language subjects are being squeezed out of many secondary school timetables with some head teachers blaming pressure on the curriculum.   However, some native English speakers have told the BBC about the benefits of speaking another tongue. Cassandra Scott, from Edinburgh, studied three languages in her final year at school. She is now a freelance translator in Edinburgh, and says "Learning languages at school really set the course for my career."
1 millennium      n.一千年,千禧年;太平盛世 参阅例句:
  • The whole world was counting down to the new millennium.全世界都在倒计时迎候新千年的到来。
  • We waited as the clock ticked away the last few seconds of the old millennium.时令静候着时钟滴答走过千年的最终几秒钟。
2 Mandarin      n.我国官话,国语,满清官吏;adj.富丽辞藻的 参阅例句:
  • Just over one billion people speak Mandarin as their native tongue.大约有十亿以上的人口以华语为母语。
  • Mandarin will be the new official language of the European Union.一般话会变成欧盟新的官方言语。
3 lingo      n.言语不知所云,外国话,切口 参阅例句:
  • If you live abroad it helps to know the local lingo.住在国外,学一点当地的言语自有优点。
  • Don't use all that technical lingo try and explain in plain English.别尽用那种专门术语,用一般的词语解说吧。

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