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  China's economy grew by 2.3 percent in 2020, with major economic targets achieving better-than-expected results, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday. 国家统计局1月18日表明,2020年,我国经济增加2.3%,经济社会发展首要方针使命完结状况好于预期。   The country's annual GDP came in at 101.59 trillion yuan ($15.68 trillion) in 2020, surpassing the 100 trillion yuan threshold, the NBS said. 国家统计局表明,2020年全年国内生产总值到达101.59万亿元,打破100万亿元大关。   Output of industrial companies with annual revenue of more than 20 million yuan expanded by 2.8 percent year-on-year in 2020 and 7.3 percent in December. 全年全国规划以上工业增加值比上年增加2.8%。12月份,规划以上工业增加值同比增加7.3%。   Growth in retail1 sales came in at negative 3.9 percent year-on-year last year, but the growth recovered to positive 4.6 percent in December. 全年社会消费品零售总额比上年下降3.9%。不过,12月份,社会消费品零售总额同比增加4.6%。   The country registered a 2.9-percent growth in fixed-asset investment in 2020. 全年全国固定资产出资比上年增加2.9%。   The surveyed urban unemployment rate nationwide was 5.2 percent in December and 5.6 percent on average in the whole year. 12月份,全国乡镇查询失业率为5.2%,2020年年均乡镇查询失业率为5.6%。
1 retail      v./n.零售;adv.以零售价格 参阅例句:
  • In this shop they retail tobacco and sweets.这家铺子零售卷烟和糖块。
  • These shoes retail at 10 yuan a pair.这些鞋子零卖10元一双。

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