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  国家卫生健康委员会疾控局督查专员王斌在1月20日国务院联防联控机制新闻发布会上表明,凯发k8官返乡人员要持有7日以内的核酸阴性检测证明,才干够返乡。   According to a notice released on the website of the National Health Commission, people returning to rural areas should isolate1 themselves at home for 14 days and take nucleic acid tests every seven days. 国家卫健委官网发布的告诉显现,返乡人员需居家阻隔14天,每7天进行一次核酸检测。   In addition to checking the test results of returnees during the festival, local governments must monitor and record their health status, increase local testing capacity and establish quarantine facilities in preparation for potential outbreaks. 除查验检测成果以外,各地政府还要监测并记载返乡人员健康状况,提高检测才能,树立阻隔设备,做好突发应对预备。   何为返乡人员?   国家卫健委清晰:返乡人员是指从外地回来农村地区的人员(returnees are those who return to rural areas from other parts of the country)。   首要包含:   一是跨省份返乡人员(cross-provincial returnees);   二是来自本省内里高危险区域地点地市的返乡人员(中高危险区域内部人员原则上不活动)(returnees from medium or high risk areas within the province);   三是本省内的进口冷链食物从业人员、口岸直接触摸进口货品从业人员、阻隔场所工作人员、交通运输工具从业人员等要点人群(specific populations who deal with cold-chain imported food, have direct contact with imported goods at ports, work at quarantine sites or in transportation sector2)。   持核酸检测阴性证明返乡从什么时候开端?   持核酸检测阴性证明返乡从1月28日春运开端后施行,至3月8日春运完毕后截止(the policy will be followed during the annual Spring Festival travel rush which lasts from Jan 28 to March 8 this year)。   持核酸检测阴性证明返乡后是否需求阻隔?   持核酸检测阴性证明返乡后不需求阻隔,但需求进行14天居家健康监测(14-day health monitoring at home),做好体温、症状监测,非必要不外出、不集合(avoid unnecessary outing and gathering),有必要外出时做好个人防护,并在返乡后第7天和第14天别离做一次核酸检测。   返乡不满14天的,以实践返乡时刻执行居家健康监测和核酸检测要求。
1 isolate      vt.使孤立,阻隔 参阅例句:
  • Do not isolate yourself from others.不要把自己孤立起来。
  • We should never isolate ourselves from the masses.造就永久不能脱离群众。
2 sector      n.部分,部分;防护地段,防区;扇形 参阅例句:
  • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口工业将促进经济复苏。
  • The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。

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