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  2021年1月25日,短视频博主@李子柒再次刷新吉尼斯世界纪录。   The official Sina Weibo account of the Guinness World Records announced on Tuesday that Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi broke the world record for “Most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube” set by herself with 14.1 million subscribers on Jan 25. 吉尼斯世界纪录官方微博2月2日宣布,1月25日,中国短视频博主@李子柒 以1410万的YouTube订阅量刷新了由她创下的“最多订阅量的YouTube中文频道”的吉尼斯世界纪录称号。   吉尼斯世界纪录官方微博表示:   The poetic1 idyllic2 life and profound traditional Chinese culture in Li Ziqi's videos have attracted fans from all over the world, with many YouTube fans expressing their admiration3 under her videos. 李子柒视频中充满诗意的田园生活和博大精深的中国传统文化吸引了来自世界各地的粉丝,不少YouTube粉丝在她的视频下留言赞叹。   The Chinese culture conveyed in her videos is going further abroad. 她的视频所传递的中华文化也正在走向更远的地方。   去年7月首创世界纪录   Li uploaded her first video on YouTube, about how to make a dress using the cloth dyed with color extracted from grape skin, in 2017. 2017年,李子柒在YouTube发布第一支视频“用葡萄皮染的布做裙子”。   She went viral overseas afterwards with her short videos about cooking Chinese food, making traditional Chinese handicrafts such as embroidery4 and living an idyllic rural life in China. 之后,她用短视频展现中国食物的烹制过程、制作刺绣等传统中国手工艺品以及乡村田园生活,在海外走红。   On July 16 last year, she had 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube, breaking the Guinness record at the time. 2020年7月16日,李子柒获得1140万的YouTube订阅,打破了当时的吉尼斯世界纪录。
1 poetic      adj.富有诗意的,有诗人气质的,善于抒情的 参考例句:
  • His poetic idiom is stamped with expressions describing group feeling and thought.他的诗中的措辞往往带有描写群体感情和思想的印记。
  • His poetic novels have gone through three different historical stages.他的诗情小说创作经历了三个不同的历史阶段。
2 idyllic      adj.质朴宜人的,田园风光的 参考例句:
  • These scenes had an idyllic air.这种情景多少有点田园气氛。
  • Many people living in big cities yearn for an idyllic country life.现在的很多都市人向往那种田园化的生活。
3 admiration      n.钦佩,赞美,羡慕 参考例句:
  • He was lost in admiration of the beauty of the scene.他对风景之美赞不绝口。
  • We have a great admiration for the gold medalists.我们对金牌获得者极为敬佩。
4 embroidery      n.绣花,刺绣;绣制品 参考例句:
  • This exquisite embroidery won people's great admiration.这件精美的绣品,使人惊叹不已。
  • This is Jane's first attempt at embroidery.这是简第一次试着绣花。

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