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  4月29日,十三届全国人大常委会第二十八次会议表决经过了反食物糟蹋法,自发布之日起实施。   Under the newly enacted1 law, catering2 service providers could face a fine ranging from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan if they encourage or mislead consumers into ordering excessive quantities of food which causes waste, and refuse to rectify3 the problem after being warned by market supervision4 departments. 该法规则,餐饮服务提供者诱导、误导顾客过量点餐形成显着糟蹋的,由商场监督办理部门给予正告,拒不改正的,处一千元以上一万元以下罚款。   反食物糟蹋法的其他规则还包含:   Catering arrangements for work-related events should be based on the actual circumstances and all the details such as amount of dishes and way of dining should follow the principle of frugality5 and not go beyond the standard thereof. 公务活动需求组织用餐的,应当依据实际情况,节省组织用餐数量、方式,不得超越规则的规范。   Catering service providers can reward customers who eat everything they order. 餐饮服务经营者能够对参加“光盘举动”的顾客给予奖赏。   Catering service providers could charge customers who leave excessive amount of leftovers6 a disposal fee, but rates for the charge must be clearly advertised. 餐饮服务经营者能够对形成显着糟蹋的顾客收取处理厨余废物的相应费用,收费规范应当明示。   The law also clarifies the ban on making or broadcasting programs or videos related to excessive eating, noting that violators who refuse to rectify the problem after being warned by regulatory agencies will be fined from 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. 该法还清晰,制止制造、传达宣传量大多吃、暴饮暴食等糟蹋食物的节目或许音视频信息。违反规则的,由办理部门责令整改,给予正告;拒不改正,处一万元以上十万元以下罚款。   粮食安全问题不容忽视   China's annual grain output remained above 650 million tonnes for five consecutive7 years during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period, but food waste has been a lingering problem that poses a potential threat to the country's food security. 十三五时期,我国粮食产量接连五年保持在6.5亿吨以上,但是,一向存在的食物糟蹋问题,要挟到我国的粮食安全。   Approximately 18 billion kg of food is wasted every year in China's urban catering industry, according to a report based on nationwide field research carried out by NPC deputies. 人大代表在全国范围内进行的实地调查显现,我国城市餐饮行业每年大约糟蹋180亿公斤食物。   The country also sees over 35 billion kg of grain loss at pre-consumption stages including storage, transportation and processing, the report added. 调查报告指出,我国每年在粮食贮存、运送及加工等餐桌外环节的粮食丢失高达350亿公斤以上。
1 enacted      拟定(法令),经过(法案)( enact的过去式和过去分词 ) 参阅例句:
  • legislation enacted by parliament 由议会经过的法令
  • Outside in the little lobby another scene was begin enacted. 外面的小歇息室里又是另一番现象。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
2 catering      n. 物资 参阅例句:
  • Most of our work now involves catering for weddings. 咱们现在的作业多半是承办婚宴。
  • Who did the catering for your son's wedding? 你儿子的婚宴是由谁承办的?
3 rectify      v.修订,纠正,改正 参阅例句:
  • The matter will rectify itself in a few days.那件事过几天就会变好。
  • You can rectify this fault if you insert a slash.插人一条斜线便能够纠正此过错。
4 supervision      n.监督,办理 参阅例句:
  • The work was done under my supervision.这项作业是在我的监督之下完结的。
  • The old man's will was executed under the personal supervision of the lawyer.白叟的遗言是在律师的亲身监督下履行的。
5 frugality      n.节省,节省 参阅例句:
  • We must build up our country with industry and frugality.咱们有必要勤俭建国。
  • By frugality she managed to get along on her small salary.凭着节省,她设法以自己菲薄的薪水日子。
6 leftovers      n.剩余物,残留物,剩菜 参阅例句:
  • He can do miracles with a few kitchen leftovers.他能用厨房里几样剩饭做出一顿美餐。
  • She made supper from leftovers she had thrown together.她用吃剩的食物拼凑成一顿晚饭。
7 consecutive      adj.接连的,联贯的,始终一贯的 参阅例句:
  • It has rained for four consecutive days.已接连下了四天雨。
  • The policy of our Party is consecutive.我党的政策始终如一。

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