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    The 15 wild Asian elephants are now wandering in the Hongta district of Yuxi, following a long journey from Yunnan province's southmost prefecture starting from April 16. As of Sunday morning, the elephants were 50 km from Kunming's Jinning district and 100 km from the downtown area of the provincial1 capital. 自4月16日起,这15头亚洲野象从云南省最南端的县开端远程迁徙,现在在玉溪市红塔区境内,间隔云南省省会昆明市晋宁区50公里,间隔昆明市城区100公里。   Monitoring images show that the herd2 includes six female adult elephants, three male adults, three sub-adults, and three cubs3. 监测显现,该象群由成年雌象6头、雄象3头、亚成体象3头、幼象3头组成。   The 15 roaming elephants have damaged 561,333 square meters of crops and caused financial losses of nearly 6.8 million yuan on their 400-km journey, but no deaths or injuries to local residents have been reported. 在400多公里的迁徙途中,这15头象直接损坏农作物达561333平方米,开始估量直接经济损失近680万元,没有接到人员伤亡陈述。   缓解“人象抵触”   Local authorities said it is rare for the giant animals to move so far northward4 from their traditional habitat. Precaution measures have been taken to prevent human-elephant conflict as the elephants may well stray into human settlements. 当地政府表明,亚洲野象脱离传统栖息地向北搬迁这么远很稀有。当地现已采纳预防措施,避免象群进入人类居住地引发人象抵触。   The provincial bureau of forestry5 and grassland6 said that it is a priority to protect the safety of both human beings and the elephants. 云南省林草局表明,维护象群和人群安满是首要任务。   Police officers have been sent to escort the elephants. They are aided with 228 vehicles, four excavators and three unmanned aerial vehicles in case that they need to distance the animals with human settlements. 当地已出动警力引导象群,一同派出228辆车,4辆挖掘机,3架无人机帮忙将象群从人类居住区引开。
1 provincial      adj.省的,当地的;n.外省人,乡下人 参阅例句:
  • City dwellers think country folk have provincial attitudes.城里人认为乡下人思维陈腐。
  • Two leading cadres came down from the provincial capital yesterday.昨日从省里下来了两位领导干部。
2 herd      n.兽群,牧群;vt.使会集,把…赶在一同 参阅例句:
  • She drove the herd of cattle through the wilderness.她赶着牛群穿过荒野。
  • He had no opinions of his own but simply follow the herd.他从无主意,仅仅随声附和。
3 cubs      n.幼小的兽,不明白规则的年轻人( cub的名词复数 ) 参阅例句:
  • a lioness guarding her cubs 看护幼崽的母狮
  • Lion cubs depend on their mother to feed them. 狮子的幼仔依托母狮喂食。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 northward      adv.向北;n.北方的区域 参阅例句:
  • He pointed his boat northward.他将船驶向北方。
  • I would have a chance to head northward quickly.我就很快有机会去北方了。
5 forestry      n.森林学;林业 参阅例句:
  • At present, the Chinese forestry is being at a significant transforming period. 当时, 我国的林业正处于一个严重的转机时期。
  • Anhua is one of the key forestry counties in Hunan province. 安化县是湖南省要点林区县之一。
6 grassland      n.草场,草地,草原 参阅例句:
  • There is a reach of grassland in the distance.远处是绵绵一片的草原。
  • The snowstorm swept the vast expanse of grassland.暴风雪突击了广阔的草原。

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