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  当地时间6月1日,凯发k8官网下载客户端欧盟正式宣告,7个成员国开端发放“疫苗护照”,分别是保加利亚、捷克、丹麦、德国、希腊、克罗地亚和波兰。“疫苗护照”持有者无需阻隔,可在欧盟成员国之间自在收支。欧盟现在定于7月1日在一切成员国推广该项目。   Seven European countries started issuing “vaccine passports” on Tuesday, underscoring how digital credential systems could play a critical role in resuming international travel. 6月1日,7个欧洲国家开端发放“疫苗护照”,凸显了数字证书体系关于恢复跨国游览的重要性。   "The EU Digital Covid Certificate” is a special code that can be shown on a screen or printed out to verify that a person has been vaccinated1 against the coronavirus, received a negative test or has recovered from the virus. The system seeks to exempt2 people with certificates from certain quarantine requirements. 欧盟新冠数字通行证是一个特别编码,能够在屏幕上显现或打印出来,证明一个人现已打过新冠疫苗、新冠病毒检测为阴性或从前感染该病毒并已恢复。这个数字证书体系旨在让持有者革除阻隔检疫。   Germany and Greece are among the countries already issuing the passes, and the certificates are expected to be rolled out in all 27 European Union countries as of July 1. 德国、希腊等国现已开端发放疫苗通行证,估计7月1日前欧盟一切27个国家都将推广。   "EU citizens are looking forward to travelling again, and they want to do so safely,” Stella Kyriakides, European commissioner3 for health and food safety, said in a news release. “Having an EU certificate is a crucial step on the way.” 欧盟卫生与食品安全业务专员斯特拉·基利亚基德斯在新闻稿中表明:“欧盟公民期盼着能再度去旅行,并且他们想安全地旅行。具有欧盟通行证是达到愿望的要害一步。”   In response to privacy concerns about the system, the European Commission has built what it calls a “gateway” that will verify the certificates across the EU, but does not store individuals' data. All data that needs to be retained for the system to work is stored in the country that issued the individual their certificate. 针对数字证书体系走漏隐私的忧虑,欧盟委员会现已建立了一个“门户”来核实各成员国的证书信息,但不存储个人数据。体系所需的一切数据都会存储在给个人发放通行证的各国内部。   As of Tuesday, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece and Poland have begun accepting the EU Digital COVID Certificate from outside visitors. 6月1日起,保加利亚、克罗地亚、捷克共和国、丹麦、德国、希腊和波兰现已开端接纳外来游客的欧盟新冠数字通行证。   The EU said that all 27 Member States have passed "technical tests" and can begin using the new technology on a "voluntary basis." 欧盟表明,一切27个成员国都经过了“技能测验”,能够“根据自愿准则”开端运用这项新技能。   "The EU Digital COVID Certificate provides European citizens with a common tool to allow them to move freely and safely again," said Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice. 欧盟司法专员迪迪埃·雷恩代尔表明:“欧盟新冠数字通行证为欧盟公民供给了一个通用东西,让他们能从头自在和安全地出行。”   The EU maintains that no private information or data will be exchanged or shared through usage of the certificate. 欧盟坚称,私家信息或数据不会经过运用通行证被交流或共享。
1 vaccinated      [医]已接种的,种痘的,接种过疫菌的 参阅例句:
  • I was vaccinated against tetanus. 我接种了破伤风疫苗。
  • Were you vaccinated against smallpox as a child? 你小时候打过天花疫苗吗?
2 exempt      adj.革除的;v.使革除;n.免税者,被革除责任者 参阅例句:
  • These goods are exempt from customs duties.这些货品免征关税。
  • He is exempt from punishment about this thing.关于此事对他已免于处置。
3 commissioner      n.(政府厅、局、处等部分)专员,长官,委员 参阅例句:
  • The commissioner has issued a warrant for her arrest.专员发出了对她的逮捕令。
  • He was tapped for police commissioner.他被任命为警务处长。

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