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文章来源:admin    时间:2021-06-16

  6月10日下午,十三届全国人大常委会第二十九次会议表决经过了《中华人民共和国反外国制裁法》,国家主席习近平签署主席令予以发布,自发布之日起施行。   China's passing of the law against foreign sanctions is an urgent necessity in order to counter the hegemonism and power politics of some Western countries, an official with China's top legislature said. It is also an urgent necessity to safeguard China's national sovereignty, security and development interests, as well as to coordinate both the domestic and overseas-related rule-of-law, an official of the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) said. 全国人大常委会法工委负责人表明,经过反外国制裁法,是反击某些西方国家霸权主义和强权政治的迫切需要,是保护国家主权、安全、开展利益的迫切需要,是统筹推动国内法治和涉外法治的迫切需要。   In recent years, some Western countries and organizations have smeared China's domestic and foreign policies and legislation, and imposed so-called sanctions upon related state organs, organizations and public servants by using pretexts including Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong-related issues. 近年来,某些西方国家和安排使用涉疆涉藏涉港等各种议题和托言,对我国表里方针和有关立法修法议程横加指责、抹黑、进犯,对我国有关国家机关、安排和国家工作人员施行所谓“制裁”。   The purpose of formulating the law is to counter, fight and oppose unilateral sanctions on China imposed by foreign countries, safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests as well as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and organizations, the official said. 拟定反外国制裁法,首要意图是为了反制、反击、对立外国对我国搞的所谓“单边制裁”,保护我国的主权、安全、开展利益,保护我国公民、安排的合法权益。   反外国制裁法第六条清晰列举了三类反制办法:   -- Refusing to issue visas, banning entry into China, invalidating visas, and deportation; 一是不予签发签证、禁绝入境、刊出签证或许驱逐出境;   -- Sealing up, seizing and freezing movable, immovable and other types of property in China; 二是查封、扣押、冻结在我国境内的动产、不动产和其他各类产业;   -- Prohibiting from conducting related transactions with domestic organizations or individuals; 三是制止或许约束我国境内的安排、个人与其进行有关买卖、协作等活动。   一起,还作了一个兜底性规则,即“其他必要办法”。   拟定施行反外国制裁法不会给国家对外开放带来晦气影响   China's determination and will to deepen reform, expand opening-up and safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests stand firm, the official added. 我国深化改革、扩大开放的决计和毅力是坚持不懈的,保护国家主权、安全、开展利益的决计和毅力也是坚持不懈的。

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