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  为庆祝我国共产党建立100周年,7月1日,两部“建党百年”献礼电影《1921》、《革命者》同日献映。《1921》叙述了我国共产党建党进程,而《革命者》则集合我国共产主义运动前驱、我国共产党首要创始人之一李大钊。   This Thursday, marking the 100th birthday of CPC, filmgoers will have the opportunity to see two productions, both center around the early years of the Communist Party of China. 7月1日是我国共产党建党100周年纪念日,观众将有时机观看两部叙述我国共产党建立初期故事的电影著作。   《1921》   The film 1921 brings together many of China's best-known actors. It focuses on the historical period before and after 1921, reconstructing an epoch-making moment one hundred years ago – hot-blooded young people with an average age of 28 gathered from all over the world, overcoming many obstacles1 just to hold the First National Congress2 of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai. 电影《1921》汇集了很多我国著名演员,集合于1921年前后的历史时期,再现了一百年前一个划时代的时刻——平均年龄28岁的热血青年从世界各地集合到一同,战胜重重妨碍,只为在上海举行我国共产党第一次全国代表大会。   《革命者》   On April 26, 1927, there were only 38 hours to go before Li Dazhao, one of the founding fathers of the CPC, would be hanged. At this time, all the forces of the Communist Party of China were still organizing a rescue operation for him. The enemy tried their best to torture3 Li for information, but still made no headway. 1927年4月26日,间隔我国共产党首要创始人李大钊被处以绞刑只剩38个小时。此刻,中共各方力气仍在策划对李大钊的解救举动。敌人主意设法拷问李大钊以获取情报,但仍无发展。   This film focuses on Li Dazhao's memories throughout his life, showing the selfless spirit of struggle in Chinese communists. 这部影片集合李大钊终身的回想,展示了我国共产党人忘我的奋斗精力。
1 obstacles      n. 搅扰;妨碍 参阅例句:
  • I think most of these obstacles can be surmounted. 我以为这些妨碍大多数都是能够战胜的。
  • There's no formidable obstacles in the world. 世上没有无法跨越的妨碍。
2 Congress      n.(代表)大会;(C-:美国等国的)国会,议会 参阅例句:
  • There were some days to wait before the Congress.大会的举行还有几天时刻。
  • After 18 years in Congress,he intented to return to private life.在国会供职18年后,他计划告老还家。
3 torture      n.摧残;v.摧残,使苦楚;使苦恼,使尴尬 参阅例句:
  • No torture would make him speak.任何严刑拷打都不能使他开口。
  • Through those long years of imprisonment and torture,he remained faithful and unyielding.在那些遭受软禁和酷刑的漫长岁月里,他一直意志坚定。

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