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  That's where these latest huge 凯发旗舰厅wind turbines are being installed. 这些最新一批大型风力发电机便是在这儿装置的。   Justin Rowlatt, BBC correspondent So to give you an idea of how big this thing is, I'm gonna [going to] walk it. 贾斯汀·罗拉特       BBC通讯员 “为了让我们感受一下桨叶到底有多大,我来沿着它从头走到尾。”   Each of these blades is made by hand from balsa wood and fibreglass. 每片桨叶都是用轻木和玻璃纤维手艺制成的。   So there we go, 81 metres. “走完了,桨叶共81米长。”   You need a giant factory to make a giant wind turbine, which has created a new industry here in East Yorkshire (North of England). 你需求一个巨大的工厂来制作巨型风力发电机,这使得一个新工业在英格兰北部的东约克郡诞生了。   From the factory, the blades, towers and the generator1 are loaded onto a boat – yep, a really big one – and sailed out into the North Sea. 桨叶、塔架和发电机会被运出工厂,装上一艘船,没错,一艘很大的船,然后驶向北海。   This is where the vast new wind farms that increasingly power Britain are being built. 为英国供给越来越多电力的大型新风力发电场就建在这儿。   Patrick Harnett, Programme Director, Orsted There's our 1000th wind turbine in the UK for Orsted. About ten years ago we were 40% reliant on coal, we are now only 2%. 帕特里克·哈奈特       Orsted 公司项目总监 “这是 Orsted 在英国装置的第1000台风力发电机。大约十年前,英国依靠燃煤发电的份额是40%,而现在只要2%。”   The Danish company has installed about half this country's offshore2 wind capacity. And the plan is to keep on building. 英国大约一半的海上风力发电设备是由这家丹麦公司装置的。他们方案持续建造下去。   A huge crane lifts the 125-metre tower. Next, comes the generator. Then you need to attach those 81-metre turbine blades. Now, you can start generating electricity. 一台大型起重机把125米高的塔架吊起来。接下来是发电机。然后,需求装置这些81米长的涡轮桨叶。现在,就可以开端发电了。   Each turn of the blades is enough to power the average home for a day. And the offshore wind industry is on track to power every home in the UK by the end of this decade. 桨叶每转一圈,就足认为普通家庭供给一天的电力。而海上风力工业有望在2029年末为英国的每家每户供电。
1 generator      n.发电机,发生器 参阅例句:
  • All the while the giant generator poured out its power.巨大的发电机一刻不停地宣布电力。
  • This is an alternating current generator.这是一台沟通发电机。
2 offshore      adj.海面的,吹向海面的;adv.向海面 参阅例句:
  • A big program of oil exploration has begun offshore.一个大规模的石油勘探方案正在近海打开。
  • A gentle current carried them slowly offshore.弛缓的潮流慢慢地把他们带离了海岸。

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