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  China's e-commerce giant Alibaba announced the merger1 of its two major platforms, and Koubei.   阿里巴巴宣布将合并饿了么与口碑。   The merger is part of the company's strategy to create a "three-kilometer circle of life" that enables its users to acquire almost everything they need for their daily life within three kilometers using its platforms. This includes restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, pharmacies2, and delivery services.   The announcement was made via a letter issued by Alibaba's CEO Zhang Yong. The letter said that the two companies will be brought under the control of a new holding company. "Currently, the two platforms Koubei and together join hands with 3.5 million merchants to provide services in 676 cities across China, and so the establishment of the new company is a significant milestone3 for Alibaba's ambitions in the field of consumption," said Zhang.   The integrated services will reportedly cover nearly 800 million residents in cities across China.   In August this year, and Koubei reportedly received over three billion U.S. dollars in funding from investors4, including Softbank.
1 merger      n.企业合并,并吞 参考例句:
  • Acceptance of the offer is the first step to a merger.对这项提议的赞同是合并的第一步。
  • Shareholders will be voting on the merger of the companies.股东们将投票表决公司合并问题。
2 pharmacies      药店 参考例句:
  • Still, 32 percent of the pharmacies filled the prescriptions. 但仍然有32%的药剂师配发了这两张药方。 来自互联网
  • Chinese herbal pharmacies, and traditional massage therapists in the Vancouver telephone book. 中药店,和传统的按摩师在温哥华的电话簿里。 来自互联网
3 milestone      n.里程碑;划时代的事件 参考例句:
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
4 investors      n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 ) 参考例句:
  • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
  • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会

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